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As with every innovation, the use of anonymous massive data must be carried out in strict compliance with ethics, confidentiality, the protection of privacy and the legal or regulatory guidelines in effect. This must be carried out in all phases including: collection of data (whether it is public or not), analysis, use for epidemiological purposes, healthcare improvement, etc.

The purpose of the Independent Ethics Committee of Epidemium is to ensure that ethics is respected throughout the life of a project. The major ethical principles that guide Epidemium are outlined below.

// The participants must respect:

  • The legal and regulatory guidelines in effect
  • Declaration of links of interest
  • Confidentiality and privacy of the human being (for both public and private data sources)
  • Pre-existing ethical rules of the data used
  • Integrity and transparency in the collection, analysis and processing of data
  • The principles of beneficence and non-malfeasance through the evaluation of risk vs. benefit
  • A commitment to share work documentation as well as year-end results and conclusions.

The committee will be responsible for ensuring that all submitted projects comply with these principles.

// Signatories: Gilles Babinet, Jérôme Béranger, Emmanuel Didier, Muriel Londres, Dr Cécile Monteil, Pr Bernard Nordlinger, Me David Simhon, Dr Jean-François Thébaut, Pr Cédric Villani.

The ethics committee reserves the right to modify this charter according to the evolution of Epidemium. The ethical Charter is still running since it as been written by the Ethical Committee of the first season.