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Soumission des projets : lire cette page en français.

Challenge 1 & Challenge 2

Challenge4Cancer closing: planning

Projects must have been submitted by Tuesday, Dec 5th before 23:59 (Paris time) in order to be sent to the jury for a first evaluation. The rendering must respect the rules and the format indicated below in the section "Format of rendering" for Dec 5th, 2017.

Deadline Description Contact
December 5th 2017 Freezing of Wiki Pages and submission of presentation media at contact[at] (Scientific poster, One pager or PowerPoint) Epidemium team
December 6th 2017 Validation of eligible projects for the final Epidemium team
December 6th 2017 Sending of posters and documentation links to the jury Epidemium team
January 5th 2018 Announcement of finalists projects Jury
January 20th 2018 Final: Project Presentations / Jury Deliberations / Award Ceremony

➔ Discover the projects and follow here the results of the Challenges 1 & 2.

Projects rendering format

Each team has to submit their project before Dec 5th, 2017, at 23.59pm (Paris time), respecting the following eligibility criteria:

  • Each project must respect the Challenge4Cancer regulations and in particular:
    • The ethical charter of the program;
    • The scientific rigor;
    • The "open" aspect and the Open Source licenses (any rendering that does not conform to the open source license will not be taken into account).
  • Each project must send their presentation media, which can be a Scientific poster, an One pager or a PowerPoint, to before the above-mentioned deadlines:
    • The document must be clear and synthetic;
    • The document must be understandable by everyone;
    • The poster, in A3 format, must take the following form - or the type of document chosen must contain the following topics:

Template Project Poster.png

NOTE: The architecture is flexible, that is to say that the size of the boxes can be changed as needed. The only requirement is to maintain the sequence of titles, in order to give consistency to all projects and make their reading easier. In addition, if any of the teams wish it, they can also submit a second poster in English that the Epidemium team will broadcast as well.

Evaluation of projects by the jury

Composition and functioning of the jury

As a reminder, the jury is made up of all members of the Scientific Committee and the Independent Ethics Committee. The jury will give their opinion on each project whose poster, One Pager or PowerPoint, will have been transferred to them within the given deadlines. Each member will decide personally and independently on the delivered work. All the notes will then be compiled and aggregated by the Epidemium team in order to deduce the projects selected for the final.

Evaluation phase for finalists selection (December 6th 2017 - January 5th 2018)

The selection of finalists, made by the entire jury, will be mainly based on ethical and scientific criteria; it will validate that the projects respect the rules and principles (openness, collaborative science ...) of the Epidemium program.

At the end of the Challenges, on Dec 5th, 2017 at 23:59pm Paris time, all the documentation (links to the wiki, gitlab, website, etc.) and the presentation media (Scientific poster, One pager or PowerPoint) will be sent within 24 hours to all members of the jury by email together with a response form 1 or 0 by project (1 = the project holds my attention, I want to see it in the final or 0 = the project does not catch my attention). Each project accumulating more 1 than 0 on all votes cast on the January 4th 2018, will be therefore selected for the final. The details of the voting results will be redistributed to the jury members anonymously. Each answer of a jury member equal to 0 on a project will have to be argued, in a dedicated field in the form. The summary of the negative arguments will be communicated only to all the project leaders that will not have been selected for the final.

On this basis, all project leaders will be contacted by e-mail no later than January 5th 2018 to announce the jury's decision regarding their passage to the final. The list of finalists will be published on the Wiki.

Evaluation phase for winners selection on January 20th

After the selection of the finalists, this second and last phase aims to evaluate the pre selected projects and assign prizes and mentions among them. Each of the finalists teams is invited to come and defend their work in front of the jury, on January 20th. Only the first three projects will be ranked. For this, the teams are invited to come pitch their project in 30 minutes, this time including both the presentation and the questions from the jury. The order of passage will be established according to the order of the challenges and then within each challenge in the order of the available project wiki pages.

On arrival, the jury members will receive a leaflet containing a printed A4 version of the scientific posters of the projects and one sheet per project with the important elements to be evaluated. The jury will then retire to a room and will have 1 hour to deliberate after the presentations of all participants. Then, they will submit, in an envelope, their results to the Epidemium team.


  • Because the members of the jury will already have had access to the wiki pages of the projects and first versions of the scientific posters (or of the PowerPoint or the One Pager - supports that are eligible for the finalist selection stage but not for the final), it is advised for the presentations to focus mostly on the following points (especially with regard to the special mentions):
    • Reminder of the project and the originality of the approach;
    • Implemented working methods;
    • Results and conclusions (± tools / products, if any);
    • What does the bring to the health of patients;
    • Which are the perspectives after the challenge.
  • Each project can support its presentation with a power point whose format is imposed and oriented on the previous dimensions.
  • Teams with a tool or product to present will be able to perform a demonstration.
  • The scientific posters submitted for the selection of the finalists that could have been corrected for the final, will be printed in A3 format and displayed in the room.

List of the mentions:
The honorific mentions will be delivered in the following categories:

  • best impact on the patients health award;
  • most ethical award for the project which would put forward the ethical questions;
  • best dataviz award - the most understandable dataviz and the easiest to understand;
  • best wiki award - the most complete documentation, the clearest and the appealest one;
  • the more original submission award;
  • the more collaborative project award will be delivered to the project which will include the more different profiles and will receive the more contribution on its wiki;
  • the best proposal of a scientific paper.

Communication around the projects

As part of the program, we want to provide the opportunity for teams to disseminate their results in order to value the community work that has been done. For that, we envisage several possibilities:

  • Dissemination to a wide audience via a slider presenting the results of each project in a popularized way;
  • Possible publications in journals;
  • Dissemination of finalized posters produced by each project.