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Far from being a dematerialized program, Epidemium take shape through the organization of many events with the goal of enabling encounters between participants, fostering synergies and taking the opportunity to exchange with experts.

RAMPs (Rapid Analytics and Model Prototyping: tool developed by the Paris-Saclay Center for Data Science and the Ecole des Mines for the management of data challenges): data challenges based on the idea of co-operation. One-day events, also open and free, aiming to create and test prediction models based on the data collected by Epidemium. Participants, whether teamed or not, submit their models on an open server so that their performance is displayed on a scoring board. All can freely access model codes already submitted and therefore understand those that were efficient, use other elements, combine them, and improve them to submit them once again. This hybrid approach make it possible to accomplish, in a short amount of time, a reliable prediction model that is the result of everyone's efforts.