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Epidemium & Publishing

Publishing as a goal

The 2nd edition of this collaborative and open scientific research program aims at setting as a new goal for the teams and their project the publication of their results under the format of a scientific article, within a peer-reviewed journal.

A dedicated task force

In order to anticipate the issue of publishing, a dedicated team of experts on the field has been constituted, whose members come mostly from the pharmaceutical industry Roche. Because they are used to the issues and requirements of scientific publication, they intend to answer to your questions and to help you with the task.

You can easily reach them on [the RocketChat Epidemium channel dedicated to publication] (accessible via the platform); otherwise, do not hesitate to ask your questions to Epidemium team, and they will take care of forwarding them.

What is it expected at the end of the Challenge?

We don’t expect the teams to have a final version of an article for decembre, but the basis of a scientific article that could then be finished even once the Challenge is over, and over a longer period of time. Epidemium will continue to support you throughout this process by referring you to the right experts and resources.

How does Epidemium promote publication?

Foremost, the proposed topics within this 2nd Epidemium edition have been defined through a close work between members of the two committees, partners and experts of the ecosystem. The latter, doctors, researchers and stakeholders in the health sector, are aware of the current issues. Thus, the chosen themes respond to real concerns and interests within the medical community and health field professionals.

Question of possible conflict of interest

Epidemium scientific research program is an open and transparent program where all the results, work and contents, etc., are public and accessibles by everybody.
It represents a novel and innovative approach for a pharmaceutical company to launch such a program. Roche has actually chosen to be totally transparent about the budget that has been allocated and its expectations from program.
It is possible to publish an article outside of Epidemium. The program encourages specifically people who have results to propose an article, so that the ecosystem of the program accompanies them along this non-trivial work. Epidemium does not impose any constraints regarding the publication aspect, and Regulation is not restrictive on this point.

How to prepare the issue of publication?

Thinking upstream about publishing

The issue of publication must be understood at the outset by the teams. Reflecting on this point, will enable the participants in the Challenge to better define the axis of their problematics. The task force is already available to discuss with them.
The first point is to define of the real need for your research to exist, that is, to define a question that will allow to move forward on a field of research that is little or not addressed. From this point, the work provided will have a greater chance of attracting interest from peer review committees and the research community.
Thus, reflection on publication must be done before or, at least, in parallel to the work on data. To begin, it is advisable to do a previous search on what has already been published in the field and, to do so, to think carefully about the keywords to see if the topic you have in mind has already been treated, and if so, if it is very advanced or not. It is important to know that if there exists already some positive progress on this subject, it will be more difficult to publish. This is why it is important to do this monitoring work, for example on PubMed, in order to see the existing publications.

How much time is allocated to the publication?

It is true that it is difficult on a 6-month's Challenge, and in which most of the work provided by the teams is done on the free time of each one, to work both on the data, to think about a problem and to prepare a research question about it for a publication. However, it is noted that the issue of publication, and especially the preparatory process, does not necessarily take much time and will allow you to frame and set the direction of your work and targeted public, and therefore to make your work more efficient, avoiding you from advancing on impossible or useless paths, losing yourself in vain efforts. Publication is an issue that will serve your project at multiple levels.
In addition, if you have a clear vision of your project, the Epidemium team, the experts and the various project partners, will be in a better position to help you see what you can do. The task force can, for example, help you define the state of the art, which does not have to be exhaustive, but should make sure that you do not engage in an unrelated path.

Find article for the state of the art

If in the course of your bibliographic searches you come across a closed article, you can try to search for the pre-print, which is sometimes accessible and freely distributed by the author (who does not always have rights to the finished article), or you can also try to find the mail of the latter so that it sends you his/her work. It is possible, for example, via ResearchGate, to write to the authors and discuss with them. Otherwise, you might talk to the Epidemium community about to see if someone has what you're looking for.