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Joining Epidemium means being part of a dynamic and varied community of people from all around the world, entering an ecosystem of experts and partners, but also having access to datasets and technical tools that we made available.

Who can participate?

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The C4C is open to all, whatever your area of competence, your skills and your level of expertise.
The best ideas will emerge from the heterogeneity of profiles.

Beyond data scientists or researchers, we can point out a few fields of competence that are valuable in designing and developping projects:

  • law & ethics
  • sociology
  • climatology
  • design
  • economy
  • ...

Everyone can join the Challenge4Cancer and make a difference!

What does participating mean?

Collaborate according to your time availability

You can either participate by achieving a simple 1 hour task, or by starting and leading a new project…it’s up to you !

Provide your skills to the community

Epidemium is about gathering people with various, complementary skills, to join the fight against cancer.

Choose what you are participating in

Discover the existing projects and join the one you prefer, or help different teams by taking several tasks on your plate.

How participate?

Go through the platform to DISCOVER the projects already online, then take the leap and REGISTER to the Challenge, and finally PARTICIPATE in any project or task you want or LAUNCH your own project.

Discover Register Participate.png

Go to the platform and see the tasks or consult the Call4Action page.

Go to the platform, register and create a project.

The Registration process

The registration process is very quick and easy, it will only take you a few minutes. It takes place on the platform.

  1. Skills that I put to the benefit of the fight against cancer

    Epidemium is about gathering people from various backgrounds and mastering complementary skills to tackle cancer research with big data. From data science to medicine, from ethics to design: the wider the range of skills are, the better.

  2. Rate your skills

    Rating your own level in each skills impartially will help other members look for the right person and ask you for help when necessary.

  3. Informations

    Epidemium is a community of people who like to exchange with each other and meet each other. We'd like to get to know who you are... but only if you want to!

Once you have achieved these steps, you will be part of the community! This means it will be time for you to discover the projects and tasks that are already online, or to create your own project. It also means you will have access to our network of experts and partners, our tools and open data. Don't wait any longer!

When you register, you accept the Terms and Conditions of the Challenge4Cancer which include a Code of conduct.