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Cancer is a complex disease. Epidemium wishes to develop, with its community and the players in its ecosystem, an innovative and complementary approach to traditional research in order to help the scientific community to:

Accelerate.png Explore.png Test.png Improve.png
Uncharted territories
...and identify possible new insights on cancer

...by leveraging crowd intelligence and rapid prototyping

New ideas
...and prototype as many ideas as possible

Research outcomes
...by iterating on existing solutions/hypothesis leveraging the potential of open source and Big Data techniques
As a distributed and open science research program, Epidemium aims to raise its aspiration to the highest scientific level as possible by:


Openness.png Collaboration.png Transdisciplinarity.png Independance.png
Openness Collaboration Transdisciplinarity Independence
Openness is at the core of the philosophy and methodology of Epidemium, an Open Science project based on Open Data. Openness is everywhere within Epidemium.
Collaboration is key to Epidemium’s success, as it marks the transition from individual to collective thinking, from limited to global approaches.
Transdisciplinarity is needed to tackle the complexity of Big Data and it shapes Epidemium’s committees, Call4Debate and Challenge4Cancer.
Independence was set as a requirement by Epidemium’s initiators and is guaranteed by the Independent Ethics Committee.