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Community Ecosystem Committees
After the first edition of the program, Epidemium is a community of more than 700 members with heterogeneous skills and profiles (data scientists, doctors, patients, researchers, sociologists, graphic designers, etc.). It is the commitment of these individuals, each with different reasons but united in their willingness to advance research, taking part in their free time on the program, which underlined both the feasibility and the legitimacy of such a initiative.

Epidemium is also an ecosystem, supporters and experts who participate in different ways: by being part of the ethics committee or the scientific committee, agreeing to be consulted, making it known, and so on. It is a network of partners making available to the community the technical, material and human resources enabling scientific work to develop with agility.

One of Epidemium’s first step was to establish an Independent Ethics Committee and a Scientific Committee. Committees are necessary in all research endeavors and this was required given the fact that we were initiating a program associating the terms of science, open and big data. These committees were designed so that they would include all of the different sectors and expertise necessary for it to function properly. We had a few goals in mind: to guarantee the credibility and feasibility of such an initiative, to support an open and enable it to grow, and to innovate in a context of rigorous ethical and methodological framework.