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You can participate in Epidemium in different ways, at different levels of commitment. You can chose to be a project leader, a member of a team, a contributor to a particular task who wishes to give his or her assistance on a specific basis. Do not be afraid, only you decide the time you spend on the program! No pressure.
Thus, this page is dedicated to the calls for skills launched by the projects. It identifies all the needs reported by the teams registered in the program. Now it's up to you to take matters into their own hands and help them move forward.

If you think you are meeting these needs, do not hesitate to visit the platform and contact the team via the team's RocketChat. If not, go through the Epidemium team and we will make the connection.

Opencancer | Platform page

Aim: deliver a prediction model to confirm the correlations with colon cancer.

  • Developer: able to implement a graphic interface for the responses from the predictive models.
  • Doctor: with knowledge in oncology and publication in order to support us on state of the art and analytical issues.

Baseline 2nd Edition | Platform page

Aim: create an online platform hosting an interactive, robust, ready-to-use dataset. This platform should ideally be linked with a data science / machine learning environment to easily design and test statistical models.

  • Project Leader: someone with time and willing to coordinate the project.

Le CAT (Cancer Au Travail) | Platform page

Objectif : montrer que les modèles sociaux et économiques favorables au travail après cancer impactent la durée de survie.
Besoins :

  • Médecin du travail
  • Data Scientists
  • Economiste
  • Quelqu'un qui travaille dans le domaine des assurances