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Challenge 1 & Challenge 2: June 6 - December 5 2017 [CLOSED]
Challenge 3: October 2017 - March 2018 [CLOSED]

Exploring New Paths to Cancer Research: #Open #Data #Science

An inclusive and community-based open science program dedicated to cancer research through data challenges

Epidemium’s goal is to rely on the massive amount of data and the strength of collective intelligence to open new paths to explore in cancer research. The program offers a neutral and open, online and offline working environnement, made concrete by a data challenge (Challenge4Cancer - C4C), thus enabling this multidisciplinary community to work together.

Important links:

Epidemium's Website The Platform Meetup Group Medium Account FAQ
General presentation of the program Epidemium and the C4C (Challenges, Resources, Terms of participation, etc.)

The heart of Epidemium and the Challenge4Cancer: all the elements in order to participate to the C4C. You need to register to participate to the Challenge and see all the participants, the projects, the tasks, the activity,... All the events organized by the program (Meetup, Pools, Formation and RAMPS)

All the content about Epidemium and the C4C : the White Paper, the Meet-ups' reports, the Notices about the C4C, etc.

All questions and answers about Epidemium and the C4C.

→ See also the Wiki of the first edition, including old projects ←

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New to Epidemium?

To facilitate your entry into the program and to help you in the creation of your project, we advise you to read:

To discover the Challenges:

To discover the projects and their needs :

Concretely, the first thing to do to get started is to create a personal account on the Epidemium platform. Once you have created your account, you will have access to all the tools and resources needed to develop your projects and above all you will be able to create your project!

Getting started